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The Winery

A jewel of technology.

Romantica winery is a two-level structure. Wine making area is located upstairs.

The estate boats ten hectares of vineyards contiguous with the winery. Here grapes are picked by hand and placed in small cases in where they reach the pressing area. Musts head immediately the new and very high tech vinification area, where the musts intended to be basis for Franciacorta docg rest at a controlled temperature into stainless steel tanks.

The ageing area is located downstairs. Here the wine is bottled. These bottles are treasured on pupitres that hold them at a 45° angle with the crown cap pointed down, in order to become the outstanding Romantica Franciacorta docg.

At the same level is also located the family private cellar, where the most precious Romantica Franciacorta bottles are collected. An underground tunnel connects the cellar to the Restaurant.

We would like to show everybody the commitment and the passion for our job. Reason for which the whole property can be visited every day.

Do not lose the oppotrunity to organise the tour, the tasting, or a special meal during which you will learn everything about the unique Romantica Franciacorta docg.